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    North Hose Engineers use innovative design technology such as F.E.A. ( Finite Element Analysis) and 3D Modeling computer programs to analyze the performance of the bellows element and supporting hardware. The forming and welding equipment used in the manufacture of North Hose expansion joints incorporates computer aided tooling to produce components faster, at a lower cost, and with the highest quality available. Also, North Hose designs every expansion joint in compliance with EJMA standards,ASME standards, DIN standards, JISB8277 standards and GB/T12777 standards. CAESARII5.3 system is used in the mechanical calculation of project and pipeline design to insure the rationality and scientific.
    North Hose uses the most advanced tools necessary to design safe and reliable expansion joints. Using state of the art software, North Hose can design an expansion joint to meet your specifications while reducing cost.
    Towards that end, we continue our philosophy of providing expansion joints, supported by innovative engineering expertise and superior service to ensure total satisfaction. Our commitment doesn’t stop with the design and manufacturing of our products. North Hose also offers 24-hour emergency services and repairs. You can call North Hose anytime to get your plant up and running again quickly. You can call North Hose any time (+86-335-7501618)

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