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    North Hose manufactures a wide variety of bellows, expansion joints, fabric compensator, tuyere  stock assembly, flexible metal hose, hydraulic hose from 8mm nominal diameter to 8000mm with process temperatures from -325℉ to 2500℉ and the working pressure from full vacuum to 5000 psig.
    The manufacturing capabilities are as below:
    Rounded metallic expansion joints DN50-8000mm, 100000 sets/ year
    Rectangular metallic expansion joints any size, 2000 sets/ year
    Fabric expansion joint any size,  20000 sets/ year
    Rubber expansion joint, 2000 sets/ year
    Teflon lined expansion joints, 1000 sets/year
    Tuyere stock assembly for 1080M3-5800M3 blast furnace, 3000 sets/year
    Flexible metal hose DN6-900mm, 1,500,000 meters/year
    Hydraulic rubber hose DN6-200mm, 1,000,000 meters/year
    Pipe support, 2000 pcs/year

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