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  • Company introduction

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    Qinhuangdao North Metal Hose Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful seashore city --Qinhuangdao. It is a high and new-technology enterprise, mainly engaged in the research, development and manufacture of the metallic bellows expansion joint, non-metallic expansion joint, telescopic expansion joint, spherical expansion joint, Teflon expansion joint, expansion joints for crystallizer, high voltage switch compensator, tuyere stock assembly, flexible metal hose, hydraulic rubber hose and pipe supports of low friction coefficient etc.. It is the main research and manufacture base of products of the same kind in our country.
    In recent years, our products are widely applied in the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical industry, electric power, energy, communications, chemical industry, construction, cement industry, and urban heating system, etc. Our products cover with the marketing network of 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in china and have been exported to foreign countries such as: Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Holland, Japan, Germany, India, Chile, Bulgaria and Norway etc., with the reputation of being highly appraised by customers from domestic and abroad.
    With an occupying area of 70000 sq meters and a construction area of 46321 sq meters, the company has built up several modernized workshops and office facilities. We own 16 hose production lines of national leading-level; hundreds of special-purpose producing equipments for bellows expansion joints.
    The company holds an engineering research & development center for bellows expansion joint and metal hose by right of abundant technical force; and has obtained many patents. We can not only adopt optimized design to the products according to international advanced standards, but also can carry out piping design and mechanical calculation for the project. We are one of the domestic large-scale enterprises with strongest technical force.
    Supply scope:
    Rounded metallic expansion joints   DN50-8000MM
    Rectangle metallic expansion joints   any size
    Fabric expansion joint   any size
    Rubber expansion joint
    Teflon lined expansion joints
    Tuyere stock assembly for 1080M3-5800M3 blast furnace
    Flexible metal hose     DN6-900MM
    Hydraulic rubber hose   DN6-200MM
    Pipe support

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